Friday, April 22, 2011

Deviled eggs

Don't worry. I shared with the hubby creature.

Oh yeah! This is my new hair color. Look how long it's getting:
Having an 'invisible illness' can suck. I chose this way to complain about it. Someone's been throwing ghost darts at my face!

A friend of mine sent me a unicorn necklace that I wanted, so I asked her what I could draw for her. She wanted a badger and an otter cuddling. .... Tada!

I've been posting a lot of my WIPs on tumblr instead of here because I know more people on tumblr. I'm gonna try to make it even out a bit more.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is a sketch I did while RPing of my gangrel, Paige, and her childe, Sage. Rhyming names happened accidentally.

Then a doodle of two of my favorite people in WoW, Yandora and Jayren.

And finally, a picture of my and my husband's trolls, Amahli and Shamoke.
Amahli is a bit of an animal. Rowr.