Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fanart Dump

A little f'art headin' your way!

First up is Sadako and harpies from Yu+Me: Dream.

Yu+Me is almost done, so you should definitely catch the archives if you've haven't been following along!

Next is Shelly Wahnee from Wapsi Square.
I've always loved Shelly. She's fun and quirky, both a grease monkey and a girly girl and she doesn't care what people think about her body. She likes to work out and she's not going to let a bunch of naysayers stop her. I also like that she's a serious main character. Typically, if a comic shows a very muscle-bound woman, she's the comedic relief -- that silly and usually ugly man-ish woman who frightens people and can't do anything right. Luckily, that is NOT Shelly.

And last up isn't completely fanart because it's not any of the characters, but I was inspired to draw a satyr after discovering the webcomic Skindeep. Of course, my satyr needed a dance partner, so in frolicked a darling harpy, who, for some reason, is apparently a blue jay. Poor thing probably gets made fun of all the time by the other more raptor-like harpies.

Oh! And full-size is wallpaper-size.

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