Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I did this for a friend's going away contest on Gaiaonline. I had fun playing around with the kind of noir comic thing, which I should admit was not the original style I intended, but I had a major photoshop failure on my desktop computer. So after a few attempts, I had to resign myself to switching computers and, lo and behold, this happened. Egas got a gritty reboot.

And I also have a couple of admittedly quick WoW-related portraits. The first is Jayren, who is apparently the lovechild of a romance novel wild man lumberjack and the Brawny paper towels dude.

And the second is Threvin, my husband's warlock who isn't that bad a person once you get past the whole demons thing.

Also, he looks like some sort of swarthy pirate-type.

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